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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Moon Light Memories - Dan & Dale

I Wished On The Moon
Moonlight Memories
The Sensational Guitars Of Dan & Dale
Diplomat Records DD-1(D 2391)

The sample is from the bad Diplomat pressing found inside of this minty fresh jacket. You may or may not hear some noise during play. As is the norm with Dan & Dale sets, this LP features the kind of inventive arrangements that make the "sensational guitars" fun to listen to.

Moonlight Memories
Moonlight On The Sunset Trail
Moon Love
I Wished On The Moon
Harvest Moon
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Moonlight Becomes You
Moonlight Bay
Moonlight & Shadows
Moon River

Friday, October 14, 2016

All Time Junior Pops

Gum Drop
All Time Junior Pops
For Party, Play and Active Participation
Hollywood Records LPH-117

Not just a "junior pops" set, but rather a compilation that the adults watching the children do "active participation" might enjoy as well.

Sixteen Tons
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Honey Babe
Mr. Sandman
Gum Drop
Dave Crockett
The Bible Tells Me So
Open Up Your Heart
Little Child
Croce Di Cro
Dungaree Doll
Rock And Roll Waltz
The Mama Doll Song

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunrise Serenade - The Triads

Blue Prelude
Sunrise Serenade
Beautiful Music Performed By The Triads
On The Hammond Organ, Accordion and Guitar
FDR King Size
Waldorf Music, Hall Inc.

Peppy set of tunes from a group who styled themselves after The Three Suns.

From the back cover: The Triads have been playing just this sort of music throughout the country, supplying simple, yet very musical sounds for the patrons of such outstanding spots as the Piccadilly Hotel in New York (that's where The Three Suns also starred), the Sahara in Las Vegas, and for twenty-four weeks out of each year at their home base, the renowned Syracuse Hotel in Syracuse, New York.

Sunrise Serenade
Doll Dance
Saint Louis Blues
Blue Moon
El Cumbanchero
Blue Prelude
Daning Tambourine
Wedding Of The Painted Doll

Autumn Leaves - The International Pop Orchestra

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
By The International Pops Orchestra
Wyncote W 9174

Groovy cover. The former owner of the album penciled this note on the back jacket: "Good. Relaxing."

Autumn Leaves
Roses Of Tyrol
Side Walks Of New York
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Sentimental Tango
O Sole Mio
My Heart Is Yours
Moments Lost

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Basic Principles Of Kreskin's ESP

The Basic Principles Of Kreskin's ESP
SSS International LP 100

From Billboard - January 20, 1968: SSS International tries to capture the success of Kreskin's "ESP" party game on the recorded disk. There are 10 tests here, along with an introduction and instruction band. Depending on the amount of exposure on radio and television and transcendental waves messages emitted, this album could catch many people's fancy.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dance & Dream - Art Mooney

Bee Dees Twist
Dance & Dream
Art Mooney And His Orchestra
Coronet Records
A Division Of Premier Album, Inc.

A budget complication of Mooney's work featuring a set of tunes that is so divergent that I wonder if all the tracks were actually produced by Mooney's orchestra. You will note from the sample that there is no followthrough in theme as featured on the cover.

From the back cover: Art Mooney was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. However, his family soon moved to Detroit where Art grew up. His father was a member of the police force there and Art Mooney went to a technical high school in Detroit to study to become a linotype operator. It was through his mother's urging that Art began to study the saxophone. He took to the saxophone immediately and soon got a group of his high school friends together and started a band. This group played all the local school dances around the city.

After graduation, Art Mooney gave up the idea of music and pursued his career as a linotype operator. However, he wasn't on the job very long when he started to dabble in music in his spare time. Soon Art got odd jobs playing his sax at night with local bands and he began to love it and started thinking about a band of his own. He got his first opportunity when, as a linotype operator, he was to set up an ad announcing the engagement of one of the top bands of the time, instead Art Mooney inserted his own name and, although he was fired from the job, he felt it was a good break for him because it gave him a chance to try his luck in the music world. He formed a band and started on the road but soon was drafted in the Army.

For three and a half years, Art Moony conducted the Miami Beach Air Corps band and when he was released from service he had already made a name for himself through his record hits of "Roll Out The Barrel" and "I've Been Working On The Railroad." He then organized a band and was waiting for the big chance when he finally got a two week engagement at the New York's Lincoln and Edison Hotels; the engagement extended itself for eight months. From this date, Art won a radio network contract and his future was made.

Soon after this, Art had some of his biggest hit records which included "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover", "Baby Face", "Five Feet Two", "Again", "Honey Babe" and many others.

Since that time, Art has been doing television shows and has also appeared in some motion pictures. He enjoys golf, swimming and tennis and is a classical records collector.

Last Date
Adios Amigo
O Sol Mio
La Paloma
Bee Dees Twist
Nellie Blye

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hit Movie Songs From The Exotic Islands - The Surfers

Sweet Leilani
Hit Movie Songs From The Exotic Islands
The Surfers
Warner Bros. Records
WS 1493

From the back cover: The Surfers, probably the most popular Hawaiian group in the night club world, have chalked up an enviable record in appearances from Honolulu's famed Kahanamok's nitery to the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, with multiple stops in non-tropical Las Vegas in between. Thus, they come to this recording with a wealth of background in Polynesian and Hawaiian music, but still with the vigor of youth that characterized their first appearances together at a Glendale (California) Junior College prom.

Follow Me (Mutiny On The Bounty)
Canoe Song (Donovan's Reef)
Sweet Leilani (Waikiki Wedding)
Island Angel (From Here To Eternity)
Pagan Love Song (The Pagan)
E Tupiti ( Devil At Four O'clock)
Bali Ha'i (South Pacific)
Pearly Shells (Donovan's Reef)
Diamond Head Theme (Diamond Head)
The Fishing Chant (Mutiny On The Bounty)
Farewell (Mr. Roberts)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Whistler And His Dog - Jack Zimmermann

The Whistler And His Dog
Jack Zimmermann
Golden Crest Records CR 3002
Recorded October 6, 1956

Interesting package featuring a fun photo of Zimmerman and, apparently, his dog on the jacket cover. The Whistler And His Dog is the title track, enough of a reason to justify using the image on the cover, but the notes go no further to elaborate on the story. Often "whistler" LPs can sound "one-dimensional" unless you are super into whistling, however, this set is saved by a collection of arrangements that are, for the most part, nicely flavored with a Space Age swing or pop treatments.

From the back cover: The Whistler is Jack Zimmermann who has been playing professionally in bands literally since the age of 12. Now 37, Jack has played Banjo, Guitar and Bass in bands from coast to coast. He interrupted his music to fight a war and returned to it to play in various combinations in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York and other spots. He has been heard with Enric Madriguera, Charlie Spivak, Buddy Rogers, Art Mooney and others.

Jack first whistled on George Skinner's show on C.B.S. When Archie Bleyer sought a whistler, he also selected Jack and from there on Jack whistled with himself to create duets and even four part harmony.

Listen with very special care to the artist's performance of Solfeggio. This music, composed by the eminent Harpist Robert Maxwell, seems almost to have been written for whistling.

The Whistler And His Dog
Sweet Leilani
Pick Yourself Up
Silver Moon
By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
Mighty Lak A Rose
Rio Rita
By Heck
Tumbling Tumbleweed
Blue Moon

Friday, September 23, 2016

Perfect Percussion - The 44 Instruments Of Roy Harte & Milt Holland

Not Since Ninevah
Perfect Percussion
The 44 Instruments Of Roy Harte & Milt Holland
Percussion & Special Effects
A Richard Bock Production
World-Pacific Records

Buddy Montgomery: Vibes
Monk Montgomery: Electric Bass
Richie Crabtree: Piano
Benny Barth: Drums
Wes Montgomery: Guitar

Audio Engineering by Richard Bock
Cover Design & Photo by Woody Woodward

Sweet jazz flavored heavy percussion Space Age set that may have been better positioned to create commercial impact while competing for market share against similar products geared toward folks buying "exotic" music in 1959 rather than 1961 when a more "light pop" sound was beginning to emerge on the scene. None-the-less this set is terrific sonic ear candy for any age.

From Billboard - May 22, 1961: Those who love percussion have a rare package here. In addition to the usual rhythm section, 44 percussive instruments and special effects are used, including Chinese cymbal, Cuban cowbell, Mexican chocola, bird whistles, African talking drums and many others. These are played by Harte and Holland. Well recorded. In addition to being good stock for dealers, this package should prove of considerable interest to deejays.

The Kick
Dance Of The Siamese Children
That Old Devil Moon
Not Since Ninevah
Getting To Know You

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Billy Storm

Billy Storm
Produced by Camarata
Buena Vista BV-3315

This set is currently provided by the rights holder on YouTube, so I will not be posting a sample.

Check out Lonely People Do Foolish Things which is perhaps the most dynamic track on the set. The notes suggest that the producer worked to present Storm's talents in a creative way, particularly on the extended side one track which, I assume, was an impressive one take affair. None-the-less, I'm not sure the producer had a clear vision of how best to arrange music to frame Storm's sweet and smooth sounding vocal range or to produce the concept set which Storm's talent deserved. I can't guess why Vista produced this one color cover design which looks a bit budget.

Below are a few bits of missing biographical information to add to the online sum of information found on Storm. It appears that once Storm (William Spicer or Billy Fortune) disappeared from the music scene around 1969 that something may have happened as he completely disappears from the online history timeline.

From the back cover: Billy was born in Dayton, Ohio but moved to Los Angeles where he attended Los Angeles High School. He joined the A Cappella Choir; and then went on to Los Angeles City College as a major and continued singing as soloist in church choirs.

Billy Storm's first contact with the Disney organization was his recording of the song Puppy Love Is Here To Stay on the soundtrack of Disney Academy Award Nominee short subject A Symposium On Popular Music. Disney recording executives were so impressed with his range and versatility that they immediately signed him to do three guest appearances on Vista's unusual Teen Street album which features the talents of Annette. The Style Sisters and Gary Shortfall in an album narrated by Maurice Chevalier and Hayley Mills.

In this new album (BV-3314) Billy Storm's voice in several of the selections, such as Lonely People Do Foolish Things and Body And Soul is set against a large Camarata orchestra and chorus. In other selections such as God Bless The Child, Billy performs with very little accompaniment, almost in A Cappella style.

One of the unusual features of this album is one entire side devoted to Billy's varied renditions of Lover Come Back To Me. Few singers in the spotlight today could successfully carry off a tour de force such as this. The different styles in which Billy sings, accompanied by his favorite jazz group, sustain interest even though all are variations of one standard tune. This continuous band side is an expression of one of the theories of Tutti Camarata, artist and repertoire director of Buena Vista, that in the pop field the long-playing record is really just now coming in to its own.

Lover Come Back To Me
Body And Soul
Walk On The Wild Side
God Bless The Child
Cee Cee Rider
Lonely People Do Foolish Things